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5 LLV Architect

I have to believe we were one of the most difficult clients Billy ever had to work with and through it all he did not waiver. He was always there for us. I am an Architect by trade and as a result very detail oriented. We went on a search that in the end took over 6 months to find the perfect property for us. I was continually surprised that he did not let us go as a client after so many tries, efforts, and fails.

With each property we requested detailed information and Billy was always on the spot with it. We never had to ask twice and we got the information immediately. He took the time to take us on several home viewings. When we finally found the home we wanted he was there every step of the way keeping pressure on the sellers agent, home inspector, title company, and our mortgage company to make it happen for us.

Probably the happiest moment came the day we found our home and wanted to immediately make an offer on it before anyone else did (it had been on the market for only a day and highly desirable). I came up with an amount that I thought was a real low-ball offer and was nervous about even submitting it feeling we should just give them full asking price a the time. To my surprise Billy advised us to offer another $5K less than the number we came up with. And you know what? He was right, the seller took the offer saving us quite a lot. Actually paying for most of his commission.

Just goes to show how important it is to go with an agent that has experience, fortitude, and your interest at heart.

5 mkholly2010

We have been associated with Billy Runyan on three separate purchasing/selling transactions. We have dealt with many realtors through the years, and Billy is by far the best realtor that we have ever associated with. He is very knowledgeable of the market, the values, etc. His professional demeanor and personalty is a joy to work with. He is not pushy, he is not assuming. His attention to detail is remarkable. Billy is the only realtor we would consider using in the Las Vegas area.

5 user99195411

Billy Runyan has a vast knowledge of real estate, is professional and personable at all times. Billy puts his clients first and does whatever is asked if within his ability and guidelines. He sees each purchase and sale through from start to finish and is there to help every step of the way. With our last transaction, he managed to have us at title the same morning selling and buying two different homes! He is a miracle worker in the real estate world.

5 jimhenness

Billy is a seasoned businessman with experience and knowledge of real estate markets. He was very easy to work with and helped me find the transaction results I was searching to achieve.

5 franciscocdbc27

I have dealt with Billy Runyon on several occasions regarding the purchase and sale of several properties and have always experienced the best professional service possible. Whenever I have a need to buy or sell again I would make billy my first choice for representation.

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